Rss Reader One

With natural interactive flow, minimized network traffic and automatic images prefetching.

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Designed for everyone, everywhere.

Optimized for both iPad & iPhone

One app, running in both iPad & iPhone with different optimized layout.

Minimized network traffic

Only sync changed marks between server and local database. Even share item contents and images between different users only differentiated by marks.

Automatic images prefetching

After one item loading complete in expanded view, images in next 2 items will be fetched automatically.

Mark items read

Two options to mark items read: “Mark All Read” as usual which will mark all items under this feed as read, and “Mark Above Read” which will mark the top visible item and the items above it as read.

Unsubscribe feed

Sliding on feed cell will prompt you to unsubscribe this feed.


Recommended feeds are from nearby users frequently clicked rss sources.

Offline read

Offline synchronizing sequence is based on the frequency of feed being clicked in last 30 days. When syncing, you still can back to reading screen and continue interactions as usual.

One click to share

Just one click to share with twitter, facebook, weibo and email.

“Full conditional” reading

In offline mode, mark above read, mark star and share functions are still available, the changes will be synchronized automatically when back to online.

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